Shaftesbury nursery taking part in project celebrating languages and diversity

Blackmore Vale – 19 February 2016

A project in Shaftesbury, funded by Dorset Community Foundation, is celebrating languages and diversity. Flying Start Nursery has been working with Elizabeth Monaghan, a teacher who works with children who have English as an additional language. The project involves bilingual parents reading and recording children’s stories in their own languages.

Hannah Miles, manager of Flying Start, says, “All the children loved listening to stories in Polish and English. At that age, children can’t usually listen for long, but they listened very well and enjoyed the new books.”

Elizabeth said “It is important to support and celebrate the skills of speaking more than one language. It is good for even such young children to be aware of diversity in the community to which they belong”.

Hannah added, ” We have been delighted that our bilingual parents have given up their time to be part of this project, and it has made all the staff more aware of different languages.”

Flying Start Nursery & Pre-School dress up for Pudsey

Blackmore Vale – 14 November 2014

Children and staff at Flying Start Nursery in Shaftesbury dressed as superheros on Friday and staff and parents made cakes – all for Children in Need.