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    COVID secure – keeping us all safe

    If you/your child has any COVID symptoms, or has been in contact with anyone showing symptoms please DO NOT ATTEND the club. Please use the hand sanitisers provided and ensure you wash your hands regularly. Your details above provide us with information required for NHS track and trace. Grown-ups - Please adhere to social distancing at all times and wear a face covering indoors unless exempt.


    We accept no responsibility for your child whilst at the session – parents must ensure that they supervise their child at all times.

    Sickness Policy

    We follow NHS advice on children’s sickness. Children who are unwell should not attend the baby group.

    Data Protection Policy (GDPR)

    We are required to hold and use personal data requested in order to comply with the statutory framework of England, Ofsted, the Department for Education and the local authority early years team. Your data will not be disclosed to any other parties and will be kept securely.